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Royce Editores

Royce Editores

Dear Reader:

The porpose of this letter is tho briefly introduce introduce our distributor Royce Editores S.A. de C.V.

We are a specialized, unique in its industry, in distribution and marketing nationally and internationally, for a variety of items from top brands in encyclopedias, dictionaries, audio, videos, CD ROMs and DVDs. World leader in reference works for the whole family.

We have a variety of books from the World’s leading publishers like:

  • Royce Editores
  • Daly
  • Hymsa
  • Mc Graw Hill
  • Grijalbo Mondadori
  • Libroencuentro
  • Larousse
  • Oxford University Press
  • Santillana
  • Espasa Calpe
  • Trillas
  • Iure Editores
  • Rezza Editores
  • Idea Books
  • Stampley
  • Euroméxico
  • Gil Editores
  • Grupo Editorial Mexicano
  • Editorial Valle de México
  • Cultura y Futuro
  • Tormont
  • Monsa de Ediciones
  • Parramón
  • Ibalpe Editores
  • Clase 10
  • Planeta DeAgostini
  • Ciencia y Técnica
  • Salvat Grolier
  • Grupo Cultural
  • Didaco
  • Lafer
  • Laffont
  • Grupo Clasa
  • Lexu Editores
  • Grupo Latino Editores
  • Zamora Editores
  • Krismar Computación

Our services are characterized by responsibility, commitment, punctuality, passion to make a difference, always stay ahead and provide a personalized and efficient care to all our customers, also we have sales executives for advice.

Our system of sales and distribution channels is composed as follows:

  1. For wholesale and retail
  2. Sales in and out of Mexico to any point
  3. Sales through our web sites.

For all the above, we want to express that for Royce Editors we are available to serve you. Therefore, we will be looking to resolve your doubts and needs.

Without further ado, we want thank you for the attention given to this letter.

Sincerely Yours


Jean Jacques Mortolini
Commercial Director

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